Acu-Pad works with your body to provide a natural pain relief solution and remove the actual cause of pain.
Acu-Pad is an effective and easy to use acupressure pain relief device. It is made from non-allergenic materials and consists of high density plastic spines which are precisely arranged to best stimulate the body’s internal abilities to  treat itself.

Acu-Pad - a proven solution for pain management.
Acu-Pad works by applying non penetrative acupressure on numerous points over an area of the body.               this is a rapid, regular atrial tachyarrhythmia, less common than psvt’s or atrial fibrillation. It can occur with underlying atrial fibrillation. Viagra vs viagra for pulmonary hypertension It can occur with underlying atrial disease, cardiomyopathies, and less frequently coronary artery disease, mitral valve disease (see fig 44a), congenital heart disease, especially post operative transposition of great vessels (see fig 23e), tetralogy of fallot (see fig 23c), or atrial septal defect (see fig 112a, 112b). viagra without a doctor prescription See other causes below. viagra generic india Type 1: has a rate of 250-320/m (close to 300/m) or low as 240-250/m to high of 340-350/m (figure 5a). how buy viagra online Type 2: atrial rate 350-450/m, with the ventricular rate a fraction of the atrial rate, 2:1 conduction or 4:1 conduction at 150 and 75/m most commonly. buy online viagra germany The ekg pattern is the same as type 1 above ( only the rate is faster). viagra y alcohol Figure 5c shows type 2 with with a complete av block and an atrial rate of 366 per minute and a ventricular rate of 40 a minute. Atrial flutter generates a defined pattern of atrial activity in the ekg with a "sawtooth" pattern in leads ii, iii, avf without a defined isoelectric line between f waves (see figure 5a). Viagra professional 100mg pills But lead v1 records definite isoelectric lines. cheap viagra Massage of the carotid sinus may unmask the flutter waves, and also it increases the f wave rate (see figure 5b). boots pharmacy uk viagra Sites of occurence of atrial flutter 1. The most common form of atrial flutter is attributable to a large reentrant loop confined to the right atrium that travels in a counterclockwise direction, caudiocrandially in the interatrial sptum and craniocaudally in the right free atrial wall. buy viagra online A. viagra for women boots This common form of atrial flutter is characterized electrocardiographically by sawtoothed flutter waves that are negative in leads 11, 111, and avf and show continual electrical activity ( lack of an isoelectric interval between flutter waves, see figure 5a). information 36 hour viagra B. viagra vs viagra vs viagra one better In this type of atrial flutter, an area of slow conduction is present in the posterolateral to posteromedial inferior right atrium between the tricuspid valve annulus and the inferior vena cava orifice ( figure 11f ). there yellow viagra pill Reference:schwartzman,d. cheap viagra online And others,conduction block in the inferior vena caval-tricuspid valve isthmus:association with outcome of radiofrequency ablation of type 1 atrial flutter,j am coll cardiol 1996;28:1519-31 this critical isthmus of slowed conduction is crucial to the maintenance of the reentrant conduction and represents the site of successful radiofrequency ablation that eliminates atrial flutter. buy generic viagra on line Reference:schwartzman,d. Highest safe dose of viagra And others,conduction block in the inferior vena caval-tricuspid valve isthmus:association with outcome of radiofrequency ablation of type 1 atrial flutter,j am coll cardiol 1996. information 36 hour viagra viagra for sale
The pressure spines stimulate blood flow and lymph circulation locally. Endorphins, the bodies own painkillers, are released. These are effective in blocking pain and producing analgesia and a sense of well-being.

The Acu-Pad principle was originally developed in the 1970s in response to a need in second world countries with limited medical resources  for an effective readily affordable, “home doctor” without the costs of even quite ordinary drugs which we in the west have taken for granted for over a century and were simply unavailable to their ordinary citizens .  It soon became available from every (state owned of course) pharmacy- but remember, unlike here in the west, there were no competing drugs companies with vested interests in promoting  their own products which have to be bought time and time  again..

Currently Acu-Pad is not available from pharmacies in the UK, and it is unlikely that the Pharmas will be promoting it!  However it has recently been introduced and marketed successfully in pharmacies in Sweden so maybe we must not give up hope of being able to promote Acu-Pad in the High Street here!

The Acu-Pad principle has been put to use all over  the world  now even including the USA where expensive private medicine is for many people the only health care they can get, and  has  been successfully used by tens of millions of people. It eliminates muscle pain, increases the flexibility of joints and increases resistance to muscle fatigue. Acu-Pad produces exceptional results in the treatment of sciatica pain, lower back pain, numbness or tingling in legs and arms,   pinched nerves, upper back pain, chronic pain in cervical spine, joint pains and spasms, all being conditions which we have traditionally turned to drugs, and sometimes homeopathy, osteopathy, and chiropractic to control.

But not only that kind of condition benefits from Acu-Pad.  Acu-Pad also has an immediate effect on pain caused by hard physical work, over exertion in sport and other physical stress related activities. After a hard day’s gardening, a nice hot bath followed by a few minutes with Acu-pad works wonders.

Scientific research has also shown positive results for sufferers of low or high blood pressure, insomnia and chronic fatigue.
It’s hard to believe that our own bodies can do more to relieve our aches and pains  than many pharmaceutical products, but it’s true.  Endorphins, nature’s own painkillers, are always in our bodies, waiting to be released when pain strikes, and now with Acu-Pad we can kickstart high endorphin production by careful  localised stimulation of blood flow and lymph circulation.
Acu-Pad provides particularly effective treatment for:
- Lower and Upper Back pain
- Arthritic pain 
- Sciatica
- Knee pain
- Muscle and Joint pain in general
- Insomnia
- Fat and Cellulite
... And of course the all-pervasive HEADACHE in most of its forms (except perhaps when alcohol induced-then only time can get rid of the toxins causing the pain).

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